Help an Elderly Parent or Friend Remain Active and Healthy

Over time, our culture has dampened the spirits of senior citizens by suggesting that they can no longer contribute to society and benefit from being active. But YOU don’t have to accept that standard for your elderly parent, friends, or neighbors. YOU can help maximize their health and vitality by keeping them active and involved in the world around them.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever gone over to your parent’s home to visit and ended up sitting in the living room for 2 hours and looking at the clock because there is really nothing to do? Have you tried to help an elderly person take part in interesting activities or physical exercise but have them decline because they “don’t feel like it” or “don’t want to impose on anyone?”


Most of us, at one time or another, have struggled with the challenge of helping elderly parents, neighbors, or friends get off of their chairs or couches and even out of their homes to find interesting things to do and people to be with. If you are part of this very large group of compassionate people who just want to help but don’t know how, then read on. You are soon going to have the information you need to have an important impact on elder health and wellbeing.

You don’t have to be a fitness expert at the local YMCA or activity director at an assisted living facility to be able to motivate seniors to be more active and to exercise. The information you find here and the interest and compassion you have for your elderly parent, friends, or neighbors will be all you need to succeed.

The Information You Find Here Will Make You Look Like A Genius and the Best Son, Daughter, or Friend that an Elderly Person Could Possibly Have…

People might even start referring to you as a “super motivator” when they see how you are able to convince elderly people to be more active and to exercise! Written in plain, easy-to-understand text, this information will tell you everything you need to know about the reasons why senior citizens may not want to be active and how you can work around and neutralize those reasons. You will become an expert at why the elderly need to remain as active as possible and will learn about exercises and activities that work best for the elderly.

You’ll See Positive Results on the Very First Day You Use This Valuable Information.

One of the best things you can do to strengthen your relationship with your elderly parent, friends, or neighbors is to find an issue that you have a mutual interest in and can relate to. What better issue than the importance of helping the elderly remain healthy and viable by participating in interesting physical and mental activities…

Here are a few of the many things you will uncover…

*    Why we don’t all age at the same rate and the importance of “functional” aging?  (page 7)

*    Why seniors can’t “just be more active” if they know that it is good for them? (page 13)

*    Just how big a problem is inactivity in the elderly. Find out in Chapter 1.

*    Why it matters that you try to help your elderly parent or other loved one stay active and exercise? (page 6)

*    What types of exercises help the elderly retain flexibility and feel relaxed? (page 29)

*    Why a physician is so important to the process of developing an activity and exercise plan for a senior citizen? Check it out in Chapter 4.

*    The types of recreational activities that have been proven to be effective with older persons. (page 34)

*    What the difference is between impairment and disability and what that has to do with the elderly? (page 25)

*    What are the things that communities can do to encourage seniors to remain active and exercise? Take a look at Chapter 3.

*    What does the United States Surgeon General and the World Health Organization have to say about the importance of physical activity for seniors? (page 6).

*    How to prepare an elderly person to become more active and to exercise and maximize the chances for success. (Chapter 4)

*    How can strength training ever be suitable for the elderly? Find the answer in Chapter 5.

*    If someone asks you how physical activity can improve the psychological well-being of elderly people, what would you say? (page 10)

*    What does it mean to be physically frail and what physical activities are best suited for these people? (page 32)

*    What does “water walking” mean and how can it be helpful? (page 33)

*    What organizations are most likely to provide activity and exercise programs for senior citizens in your community? (page 38)

*    How traditional views of older people found in our society can discourage seniors from remaining active and exercising. Check out Chapter 2 for the answer.

*    When your elderly parent or other loved one asks you “why” when you encourage them to be more active, what do you say? (page 7)

*    What does a 1964 Ford Mustang have in common with an elderly person? (page 7)

*    If someone asks you what the physiological benefits are of physical exercise for seniors, what would you say? page 9)

*    Why is the idea that seniors have “earned the right to take it easy and not try so hard anymore” detrimental to their health and vitality? Find out in Chapter Two.

*    Who ultimately is responsible for keeping elderly people active? (page 19)

*    What percentage of elderly people are asked by their healthcare providers about their activity and exercise levels? Why is this important? (page 22)

*    What are the reasons elderly people may not want to be more active? Find the answer in Chapter 2.

*    What is the “best” motivator for seniors to have in regard to being more active and exercising? (page 20)

*    What are aerobic exercises and how can they be helpful for elderly people? (page 29)

*    Why is the use of chronological age not the best way to measure the ability of seniors to be active and to exercise? (page 7)

*    And much, much more!

Without the help of the information you will find here, it may take you months to figure out how to enhance elder health and wellbeing.  The best way to successfully motivate seniors to participate in interesting activities and exercises is to understand why it is so important and how to approach the issue.

Imagine the Look of Amazement and Appreciation You’ll Get When You Tell Your Elderly Parent or Other Loved One That They Need to Stay Active and Then Have Solid, Useful Information to Back Up Your Argument…

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I am thrilled to provide this opportunity to you and look forward to your success in helping your elderly parent or other loved one remain active.


Steven Watson, PhD, MC
Certified in Geriatric Care Management

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